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Our research is focused to design the materials whose physical/electrochemical properties can be controlled by temperature, pH, or enzymes. This research will help to understand the functionality of biological systems and furthermore build the next generation the biomedical electronics devices.


web-research-02Our research is focused on understanding the electrochemical, chemical, and structural properties of biomaterials. Specifically, the naturally-occurring melanin (extracted from  Sepia officinalis) exhibits a hydration-dependent ionic electronic conductivity as well as the redox activity. This motivates us to synthesize the biologically-derived materials that can further be utilized as the aqueous energy storage devices.


web-research-04Energy storage devices using multivalent ions exhibit the potential that can serve as post-Li batteries due to the relatively high volumetric charge storage capacities and the cost effectiveness. Our research is to develop the secondary energy storages that use divalent or trivalent cations.